Pets of all ages and species can suffer from sudden skin problems or lingering dermatological disturbances. The cause of skin issues is not always obvious, but your veterinarian can help to pinpoint the problem, so your pet can regain a good appearance and comfort. A variety of new treatments are available to help with common skin eruptions. At Windercare vet clinic, we can provide a variety of treatment options for relief of your pet’s skin problem.

Skin Irritation

You may notice red areas or roughened skin in areas of your pet’s body that has no clear cause. These problems can be a result of grooming products you are using or even from contact with cleaning products or materials you use in your home. Your veterinarian can provide prescription medications to reduce skin irritation and can advise on safe products to use around your pet.


Your pet can develop a rash due to a variety of factors. Common skin irritants include outdoor plants, indoor cleaning products or grooming items you use on your pet. Insect bites can also cause a skin rash. Rashes come in a wide range of appearances, from raised welts, pimples to oozing lesions, depending on the source and the severity of the problem. Your vet in Windercare will carefully examine the animal’s skin and may take a sample of fluid from the area to determine the cause.


Allergies that produce skin eruptions are a common problem in pets. These reactions occur when the animal’s immune system responds to an allergen in the environment or one that is consumed. Pinpointing an allergen can take some time, but your vet can provide blood or skin tests to help simplify the process. If a food allergy is suspected, your vet may suggest an “elimination diet” that offers one food at a time to detect which one causes the reaction. Medications, such as antihistamines and cortisone can help to soothe allergic skin reactions.

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